Cover reveal!

At long last the cover for The Unspoken Name is out in the wild and I’m allowed to show it off!

It’s a weird paradox but every time there is some new incontrovertible evidence that the book is actually going to exist, my brain utterly rebels, all “this CANNOT be ACTUALLY real, surely I am about to awaken from a beautiful dream” - but! It is happening! And you will be able to read it!

You can read more about the book and the cover at Revealing The Unspoken Name, an Epic Fantasy Adventure from A.K. Larkwood, or………….. read on…………………………………

Unspoken Cover

Some news in brief...

I’m delighted to be able to say that my novel The Unspoken Name will be published by Macmillan’s Tor imprints in the UK as well as in the US in February 2020, and by Fischer Tor in Germany. The Bookseller has an article on the UK deal: Tor bags Larkwood debut in three-book deal.

A lovely article about the book is also now up on Tor to Launch The Unspoken Name — The Start of an Epic New Fantasy Adventure from A. K. Larkwood.

I now retire to my lair to continue work on the next thing.

ANNOUNCEMENT - The Unspoken Name

I’m so delighted to say that my debut novel, The Unspoken Name, will be published next year by Tor Books. You’ll hear plenty more from me about the book but Lindsey’s tweet does a good job of summing it up:

This book has kept me company for at least three years, and I had such a good time writing it. In times of trouble it’s amazing how much better it makes you feel if you can send a fictional person to fight a wizard or deal with a giant snake. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!